In a cutting process, two parts having a side/edge of same dimension can be arranged such that the side is common for the 2 parts. Once arranged like this, it is enough if we machine the common side once instead of twice. This results in reduced machining time.


But in certain process like gas cutting, it is important that the cutting path does not intersect itself. And in certain processes like plasma cutting, it is desirable to cut the part in a clockwise direction, to avoid bevel edges in the final part. And in certain processes, it is desirable to choose the common line cutting such that most optimal nesting of parts can be performed for material savings.


Hence there is a need to develop a process dependent Common Line cutting method, which will overcome the above problems and automatically generates the optimal tool path as per the user choice.


So to avoid piecing at multiple points a single piercing is done after which the cutting starts and cuts out all the nearby parts without any further piercing by continuously following the cutting path. There are different types of tool paths for Gas and Plasma cutting.


For more details: CommonLineCAM Help

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