It is often required to get the outline geometry of text shapes. The text outline geometry can be used for CNC machining/engraving of the text. It can be used for other applications like extruding the text into a 3D solid etc. FontCAM contains a set of tools, which makes it easy to extract the text geometry which is smooth and optimised in terms of number of vertices. It overcomes some of the limitations in the “txtexp” tool in express tools bundle of autocad.


  • Output geometry as Spline or PolyLine or PolyArc entities.
  • Have control over the max-deviation from original geometry when approximating text shape into polylines.
  • Output any “True Type Text” (TTF) font shape installed in Windows.
  • Also output single stroke font for faster engraving.
  • Output Linear text or text along an arc.
  • Set of tools to make the perfect sign geometry easily.

FontCAM :


Standalone version of FontCAM is now available. You can download AutoCAM2D from below link and FontCAM is a module in autoCAM2D.


You can buy a 6 months license by paying $9.99 to our PAYPAL ID : SUPPORT@AUTOCAM2D.COM.

You can buy a lifetime license by paying $39.99 to our PAYPAL ID : SUPPORT@AUTOCAM2D.COM.

All payments are made through PAYPAL id at  SUPPORT@AUTOCAM2D.COM.
Email us to get a paypal invoice or pay directly in Autodesk app store. 

For more details: FontCAM help

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