The G-Code Cam app lets you convert dxf files to a G code file that can be used on a CNC machine to cut the parts. This app only generates G codes for 2 D diagrams and allows the individual selection of entities to be cut. 


It creates Gcode for drawings in AutoCAD file. The Gcode output can be used directly for CNC machining. 

This app creates a G-code file for geometric entities in an AutoCAD drawing file. The Gcode output can be used directly in various CNC machines like milling, Lathe, Router, Plasma, Laser etc. 


  • Multi-pass G-code generation. 
  • Tool path optimization 
  • User Selectable origin for G-code
  • Support for most commonly used geometric entities like Line, Circle, Arc, point, polyline, Ellipse & Spline. 
  • Geometries can be offset automatically before generating G-code. 
  • Climb & conventional milling directions can be chosen. 
  • No need for an external CAM software. Powerful features integrated into the World’s most powerful CAD software. 

For more details: G-CodeCAM Help

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