OFFSET CAM is an APP that is useful for machines that don’t have cutter compensation, namely - G41 and G42.This app automatically offsets 2D geometries by tool radius. The offsetted geometry can be directly imported to a CNC software for machining operation. It also has the ability to create a fillet on the sharp corners of the offsetted geometry so that the tool path time is reduced. This fillet can be user selected.

When machining a geometry in CNC machine, the geometry needs to offsetted by the tool radius and the tool has to travel on this offset path, so that the part-size produced is accurate. Some of the Advanced and costly CNC controllers can do this automatically (using G41, G42 commands).

In some of the entry level and low-cost CNC controllers, G41 command is not available. Even if G41 is available, it may not work correctly for complex geometries. Offsetting is a highly computational algorithm, it is better to do it in a CAD/CAM software rather than in a CNC software.  Also machines like Laser cutting machines don’t run on G-codes and they don’t support the offset command (G41 etc.).

Offset CAM automatically identifies Inner and Outer geometries. After identifying: It offsets the outer geometries in Outside direction and Inner geometries in Inside direction. (Or vice-versa: if Inside offset option is chosen).

The original geometries are moved to temporary later called Acam_tmp and can be deleted with a button click.

The offsetted geometries can be imported into a basic CAM software to get a G-code output that can be fed directly to any CNC machine. Also you can use a CAM softwares or apps like G-Code Cam etc. to generate G-codes.

For more details: OffsetCAM Help

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